Chord Formulas

OpenLyrics expects chords in the following format:

Notation for intervals:

Intervals Diminished Minor Perfect Major Augmented
1 d1   1   a1
2 d2 m2   2 a2
3 d3 m3   3 a3
4 d4   4   a4
5 d5   5   a5
6 d6 m6   6 a6
7 d7 m7   7 a7
8 d8   8   a8
9 d9 m9   9 a9
10 d10 m10   10 a10
11 d11   11   a11
12 d12   12   a12
13 d13 m13   13 a13
14 d14 m14   14 a14
15 d15   15   a15

List of Built-in Chord Formulas

Normal Chords

Formula Chord Name Shortcode Notation Other notations
5 perfect 5th; power chord power 5 omit3
3-5 major      
m3-5 minor min m - min
3-a5 augmented aug + 5♯ (♯5)
m3-d5 diminished dim m,5♭ m(♭5)
3-5-m7 dominant 7th dom7 7  
3-5-7 major 7th maj7 Δ Maj7 M7 Δ7
m3-5-m7 minor 7th min7 m7 -7 min7
m3-d5-d7 diminished 7th dim7 dim7 ⵔ7
m3-d5-m7 half-diminished 7th halfdim7 m7,5♭ m7(♭5) -7(♭5) ⵁ7 halfdim
m3-5-7 minor major 7th minmaj7 mMaj7 mM7 -M7 -Δ -Δ7
3-a5-7 augmented major 7th augmaj7 Maj7(♯5) +Maj7 +M7 +Δ7
3-d5-m7 dominant 7th flat 5   7,5♭ 7(♭5)
3-a5-m7 dominant 7th sharp 5; augmented 7th aug7 +7 7,5♯ 7(♯5)
m3-d5-7 diminished major 7th   mΔ,5♭ mΔ(5♭) mMaj7(♭5) mM7(♭5) -Δ7(♭5)
3-d5-7 major 7th flat 5   Δ,5♭ Δ7(♭5) Maj7(♭5) M7(♭5)
3-5-6 major 6th maj6 6 M6 add6
3-5-m6 (major minor 6th) maj6b 6♭ (♭6)
m3-5-6 minor 6th min6 m6 m,add6
m3-5-m6 (minor minor 6th) min6b m6♭ m(♭6)
3-5-m7-9 (dominant) 9th dom9 9 7,9
3-5-m7-m9 dominant minor 9th dom9b 7,9♭ 7(♭9)
3-5-7-9 major 9th maj9 Δ9 Maj9 M9
m3-5-m7-9 minor (dominant)Í 9th min9 m9 m7,9 -9 min9
m3-5-7-9 minor major 9th minmaj9 mΔ9 mMaj9 mM9 -M9 -Δ9
3-a5-7-9 augmented major 9th   +Δ9 Maj9(♯5) +Maj9 +M9
3-a5-m7-9 augmented (dominant) 9th aug9 +9 +7,9 9,5♯ 9(♯5)
m3-d5-m7-9 half-diminished 9th halfdim9 ⵁ9 m9,5♭ m9(♭5) -9(♭5) halfdim9
m3-d5-m7-m9 half-diminished minor 9th   ⵁ9♭ ⵁ(♭9) m7,9♭,5♭ m7(♭9,♭5) -7(♭9,♭5) halfdim(♭9)
m3-d5-d7-9 diminished 9th   °9 dim9
m3-d5-d7-m9 diminished minor 9th   °9♭ °(♭9) dim7,9♭ °7,9♭
3-5-m7-m10 dominant flat 10   7,10♭ 7(♭10)
3-5-m7-9-11 (dominant) 11th   11  
3-5-7-9-11 major 11th   Δ11 Maj11 M11
m3-5-m7-9-11 minor (dominant) 11th   m11 -11 min11
m3-5-7-9-11 minor major 11th   mΔ11 mMaj11 mM11 -M11 -Δ11
3-5-m7-9-a11 acoustic (dominant) 11th   11♯  
3-5-7-9-a11 acoustic major 11th   Δ11♯ Δ(♯11) Maj(♯11) M(♯11)
m3-5-m7-9-a11 acoustic minor (dominant) 11th   m11♯ m(♯11) -(♯11) min(♯11)
m3-5-7-9-a11 acoustic minor major 11th   mΔ11♯ mΔ(♯11) mMaj(♯11) mM(♯11) -M(♯11) -Δ(♯11)
3-a5-7-9-11 augmented major 11th   +Δ11 Maj11(♯5) +Maj11 +M11
3-a5-m7-9-11 augmented (dominant) 11th   +11 11,5♯ 11(♯5)
m3-d5-m7-m9-11 half-diminished 11th   ⵁ11 m11,5♭ m11(♭5) -11(♭5) halfdim11
m3-d5-d7-m9-d11 diminished 11th   °11 dim11
3-5-m7-9-11-13 (dominant) 13th   13  
3-5-7-9-11-13 major 13th   Δ13 Maj13 M13
m3-5-m7-9-11-13 minor (dominant) 13th   m13 -13 min13
m3-5-7-9-11-13 minor major 13th   mΔ13 mMaj13 mM13 -M13 -Δ13
3-5-m7-9-a11-13 (dominant) 13th   13(♯11)  
3-5-7-9-a11-13 major 13th   Δ13(♯11) Maj13(♯11) M13(♯11)
m3-5-m7-9-a11-13 minor (dominant) 13th   m13(♯11) -13(♯11) min13(♯11)
m3-5-7-9-a11-13 minor major 13th   mΔ13(♯11) mMaj13(♯11) mM13(♯11) -M13(♯11) -Δ13(♯11)
3-a5-7-9-11-13 augmented major 13th   +Δ13 Maj13(♯5) +Maj13 +M13
3-a5-m7-9-11-13 augmented (dominant) 13th   +13 13,5♯ 13(♯5)
m3-d5-m7-m9-11-13 half-diminished 13th   ⵁ13 m13,5♭ m13(♭5) -13(♭5) halfdim13

Figured Chords

Formula Chord Name Shortcode Notation Other notations
4-5 major/minor suspended 4th sus4 4 sus4 sus
2-5 major/minor suspended 2nd sus2 2 sus2
3-5-m7-13 dominant (7th) major 6th   7,6 7(add13) 7(add6)
3-5-6-9 major 6th 9th   6,9 6(add9)
3-5-9 major added 9th add9 add9  
m3-5-9 minor added 9th   m(add9)  
3-a5-9 augmented added 9th   +add9 (♯5)add9
4-5-6 major 6th suspended 4th   6,4 6(sus4)
2-5-6 major 6th suspended 2nd   6,2 6(sus2)
4-5-m6 minor 6th suspended 4th   6♭,4 6♭(sus4) (♭6)sus4
2-5-m6 minor 6th suspended 2nd   6♭,2 6♭(sus2) (♭6)sus2
4-5-m7 dominant/minor 7th suspended 4th   7,4 7sus4
2-5-m7 dominant/minor 7th suspended 2nd   7,2 7sus2
4-5-7 (minor) major 7th suspended 4th   Δ,4 Maj7,4 M7,4 Δ7,4 Δsus4 M7sus4
2-5-7 (minor) major 7th suspended 2nd   Δ,2 Maj7,2 M7,2 Δ7,2 Δsus2 M7sus2
4-a5-7 augmented major 7th suspended 4th   +Δ,4 Maj7(♯5)4 +Maj7,4 +M7,4 +Δ7,4 Maj7(♯5)4sus4 +Maj7,4sus4 +M7,4sus4 +Δ7,4sus4
2-a5-7 augmented major 7th suspended 2nd   +Δ,2 Maj7(♯5)2 +Maj7,2 +M7,2 +Δ7,2 Maj7(♯5)2sus2 +Maj7,2sus2 +M7,2sus2 +Δ7,2sus2
4-d5-m7 half-diminished 7th suspended 4th; dominant 7th flat 5 suspended 4th   ⵁ,4 7,5♭,4 7(♭5)4 ⵁ7,4 halfdim,4 7,5♭,4sus4 7(♭5)4sus4 ⵁ7,4sus4 halfdim,4sus4
2-d5-m7 half-diminished 7th suspended 2nd; dominant 7th flat 5 suspended 2nd   ⵁ,2 7,5♭,2 7(♭5)2 ⵁ7,2 halfdim,2 7,5♭,2sus2 7(♭5)2sus2 ⵁ7,2sus2 halfdim,2sus2
4-d5-d7 diminished 7th suspended 4th   ⵔ,4 dim7,4 ⵔ7,4 ⵔ(sus4) dim7(sus4) ⵔ7(sus4)
2-d5-d7 diminished 7th suspended 2nd   ⵔ,2 dim7,2 ⵔ7,2 ⵔ(sus2) dim7(sus2) ⵔ7(sus2)
4-d5-7 diminished major 7th suspended 4th; major 7th flat 5 suspended 4th   Δ,5♭,4 Δ7(♭5)4 Maj7(♭5)4 M7(♭5)4 Δ7(♭5)4sus4 Maj7(♭5)4sus4 M7(♭5)4sus4
2-d5-7 diminished major 7th suspended 2nd; major 7th flat 5 suspended 2nd   Δ,5♭,2 Δ7(♭5)2 Maj7(♭5)2 M7(♭5)2 Δ7(♭5)2sus2 Maj7(♭5)2sus2 M7(♭5)2sus2
4-5-m7-13 dominant (7th) major 6th suspended 4th   7,6,4 7(add13)4 7(add6)4 7,6sus4 7(add13)sus4 7(add6)sus4
2-5-m7-13 dominant (7th) major 6th suspended 4th   7,6,2 7(add13)2 7(add6)2 7,6sus2 7(add13)sus2 7(add6)sus2
4-5-m7-9 (dominant) 9th suspended 4th   9,4 9sus4
4-5-m7-m9 dominant minor 9th suspended 4th   7,9♭,4 7(♭9)4 7,9♭,sus4 7(♭9)sus4
4-5-7-9 major 9th suspended 4th   Δ9,4 Δ9sus4 Maj9,4 M9,4 Maj9sus4 M9sus4
4-a5-7-9 augmented major 9th suspended 4th   +Δ9,4 +Δ9sus4 Maj9(♯5)4 +M9,4 +M9sus4 +Maj9,4
4-a5-m7-9 augmented (dominant) 9th suspended 4th   +9,4 +9sus4 9(♯5)sus4