Conversion From Other Formats

Being able to convert songs from other formats to OpenLyrics is necessary to speed up the adoption of the OpenLyrics format and for compatibility with other applications which already support OpenLyrics.


One of the tools bundled with the OpenLyrics source documents is a command line tool to convert OpenSong song files to OpenLyrics. The conversion script should work in most situations, but do make sure that the conversion was successful before removing the old files.


Before using the script for conversion please ensure that the following is available in your system:


To execute the script use the following command:

python ./ opensong_file  openlyrics_file.xml

Where opensong_file is the original song in OpenSong format and openlyrics_file.xml is the name of the song in OpenLyrics format.

Other Formats

OpenLP supports importing from a wide range of other formats. So you can use it to convert your songs to the OpenLyrics format. See for more information.